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Daniel St Johnston

Daniel is a senior group leader at the Gurdon Institute and leads the super-resolution sub-group. His primary research is focused on cell polarity and body axis formation during development using Drosophila and intestinal organoids. Currently, Daniel is focused on using localization based methods to better understand the distribution of polarity proteins. You can read more about Daniel's research on his group's website here.


George Sirinakis

George has been part of the super-resolution group since its beginning and is primarily focused on optical design and data analysis. He is the main driver of a number of developments within the group including our pivot to DNA-PAINT and novel approaches for better optical sectioning.


Edward Allgeyer

Edward joined the super-resolution sub-group in 2016 and has primarily focused on mechanical design and software development. In close collaboration with George, he is the primary driver behind the Microscope-Control package and is always interested in improving the user experience.


Jenny Richens

Jenny splits her time between lab management, a number of on going research projects, and pushing labeling strategies for multi-color DNA-Paint imagining. She has lots of experience labeling and imaging Drosophila egg chambers for live STED.


程金妹 (Jin Mei Cheng)

Jin Mei joined the super-resolution team as a visiting scholar from her home institution, Nantong University, where she is primarily focused on understanding oocyte development and spermatogenesis. Since joining the group, she has lead our efforts to make reliable samples for multi-color quantitative imaging of polarity proteins using DNA-Paint at depth. 

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